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Great News....There is no longer a waiting list for Junior Members wishing to join the Club and the Athletics Sessions..

New athletes receive training & assessment in Sprint, Run, Long Jump and Howler Javelin Throw as part of a StarTrack Scheme. Once this is completed and they have become club members they receive a goody bag and join the Junior Academy for training sessions (see below for how this works).  

If you wish to join the Mansfield Harriers Junior Academy please contact Barry Holmes 

Sessions cost £2 each up to a maximum of 4 sessions then the Under 18’s must join the Club which costs £75 per annum (or until 31st March).  Once a member of the Club there are no further charges for attending the training sessions.  Athletes can attend both or one session per week, although if they are taking this seriously then 2 sessions per week attendance is recommended from Year 7 onwards.

Juniors training sessions take place on a Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year from 18:30 – 19: 30.  Please allow 5-10 minutes at the end of each session for notices.  There are additional sessions taking place on Monday’s in the summer months however please view the “Training Calendar” for exact venue information.

Training takes place at the following Venues however please see “Where To Find Us” for more detailed information.

West Notts College – Athletes meet in the Sports Hall.  Parents may watch as long as this is deemed safe by the Lead Coach.

Samworth Church Academy – Use the Main Entrance.  DO NOT park in the Disabled Parking space.  Parents are not allowed in the Building due its use by other Youth Organisations.

Ashfield Track – Meet at the side of the Track.  Parking is in the large school car park.  Head up the steps, walk under the overhead classrooms, through school and bear right in front of the outdoor courts.  Parents may stay and watch from outside the track perimeter.


UK:A Level 2 Athletics Coach & Level 2 Multi-skills: Sarah Moulton
UK:A Coaching Assistants: Victoria Lacey & Steve Smith
UK:A Athletics Leaders: Nick Atkins, Tracey Ramsbotham
Other Helpers: Pippa Tomlinson, Matthew Ramsbotham & Emma Ramsbotham

28th Thursdays (after Half-Term) 31st Samworth Church Academy
Venue Details:

Samworth Church Academy Sherwood Hall Road, Mansfield, NG18 2DY. Use Main Entrance. Do NOT park in Disabled Parking. Sorry parents are not allowed in the building as it is used by other youth organisations. 

Ashfield Track Ashfield School, Sutton Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, NG17 8HP. Meet at side of track - Park in large school car park, head up steps, walk under overhead classrooms, through school, bear right in front of outdoor courts. Arrive by 6.20pm if coming for the first time. Parents may stay and watch from outside track perimeter.

West Notts College Derby Road, Mansfield, NG18 5BH - meet in the Sporthall. Parents may watch as long as deemed safe by lead coach.

IMPORTANT message for all potential NEW Athletes:

To Join the  Mansfield Harriers Junior Academy contact Barry HolmesThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">


Athletics 365  365 Academy

The Junior Academy combines endurance training with its multi-event approach. Sarah Moulton our excellent Endurance Coach works closely with the other club endurance coaches ensuring interested athletes get training at the correct level for their age (chronological, development & training ages), she also takes into consideration coach: athlete ratio in these other groups before placement. An Endurance session with a Sprint, Jump or Throw session provides balanced training for this age. It is very important for athletes to acquire as many skills as possible and based on much research UK:Athletics are really promoting this all round approach to reduce the number of elite athlete injuries, facilitate easy transfer from event to event as the athlete matures and gives a fantastic foundation on which to build a long term participation in sport. For more detailed look at UK:Athletics Long Term Athlete Development. Endurance Athletes are encouraged to do a run at the weekends when not competing - how far varies so best speak to Sarah, but as a guide: U11 20 mins; U13 30 mins, U15 30 mins x 2.

To sum up: the bigger variety of skills and events they try now (9-14 years old) the more options and opportunities they will have in the future.

The Athletics Skills sessions are a fun and varied introduction to field and track events giving the individual the opportunity to learn (and try out) as many new athletic skills as possible.  It is recommended that upon joining the Club your Athlete initially joins these sessions in keeping with the Athletics 365 young people development programme. 

See how this foundation training fits UK:Athletes Long Term Athlete Development Plan.

We also utilise the skills other Club Coaches to take smaller groups of children from time to time, priority is given to athletes with a good attitude and regular attendance at training & competitions. As a guide those joining should be able to run 400m (once around the track) continuously. 
When the weather is very bad we may use the Club House and children can be collected from there. 

Track Session Format

6.25 Registration Sprint Start Area of Track 
6.30 Warm-up + S&C + Core 
6.50 Event Coaching 
7.20 Cool-down + Stretches
7.30 Finish Sprint Start Area of Track

School Session Format

6.25 Registration Main Entrance 
6.30 Warm-up
6.40 Activity 1
7.00 Activity 2
7.20 Cool-down + Stretches
7.30 Finish Main Entrance 

There will always be either running for speed (sprints) or running for distance (endurance); other activities throws, jumps & hurdles will be rotated through the sessions. The club also provides lots of opportunities for the children to compete usually at weekends. Athletes are expected to compete for the Club at least twice each season, ie. 4 times a year.

Information for Parents/Guardians

To help your child get the most from these sessions please encourage them to:

  • Dress appropriately:
    • Good quality trainers are essential (optional, track spikes max 6mm).
    • Plenty of layers, hat, gloves and waterproof in the winter
  • Arrive on time (6.25pm) at the Track/School Main Door.
  • Take part in the whole session including warm up, cool down and stretching.
  • Bring a drink of water/juice (not fizzy or energy!).
  • DO NOT attend if ill or injured.
  • Go to the Loo beforehand!

All Coaches are volunteers trained by UK:Athletics and are CRB/DBS checked.

Need to speak to the coaches - We will usually be around for 5-10mins after the session whilst we tidy up. If you wish to speak to us please feel free to do so at this time - if at the school when you collect your athlete simply ask them to take you to the Gym. Or contact Sarah

Club Membership – all children attending this session should be 9 or over in the current school term and either paid up members of the club or pay a weekly fee of £2 permitted for the first 4 sessions only (give money when registering). Without payment your child is not insured and we cannot be responsible for your child. Download Membership Form and Standing Order Mandate. IMPORTANT as a club member you are expected to compete at least 4 times a year. We are not a youth club and do not have the resources to coach athletes who do not compete. 

Become a coach!

We really need help on Tuesday and Thursday nights - this could be every week or just once a month. So we are hoping some of you will consider training as Leaders or Assistant Coaches download Choosing a Coaching Course. Download A4 sheet with Coaching Qualifications described. Description & dates use the link below. NB. The club will pay course fees. However, before any funding is given you will be expected to assist at six club sessions.

If you wish to apply visit coaching section for an application form and discuss with Barry HolmesThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

Download Training Diary A5 Page Download Training Diary GOALS A5 Page


Membership runs annually from 1 April. For more details see Membership section of the website

Why Athletics?

The Junior Athletics Skills sessions on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday evenings provide a great general introduction to athletics. With transferable skills to other sports. Making use of the Skills Window (Girls 8-11 & Boys 8-13) when children are best able to learn new skills. This prepares them for whatever event or sport they finally decide to do. This will depend on preference, body shape, ability etc. but will be good for them to have the skills so that they can make the choice! Various Club Competitions allow the Athletes to experience the excitement of competing.

Is my Child a star?

Yes. All children attending these sessions are Athletes and thus stars. The 365 Academy allows your Athlete to learn new skills and improve against nationally set standards. The emphasis is on personal all around athletics improvement. So a good attitude is as important as ability. However, we are always watching for Athletic potential and will strongly encourage all the Athletes to compete.

Can my Athlete win Gold?

Again yes! The opportunities to get Gold exist at many levels, it is important for Athletes to acheive their best and at a level they are comfortable with. It is a fine line between being encouraging and being pushy.

What opportunities does Mansfield Harriers & AC Offer?

Training: The Junior Academy offers multi event training from 9 upwards. The clubs has numerous coaches in many events: endurance, sprints, middle distance, hurdles, shot, discus, hammer, javelin, long jump, high jump, pole vault etc. Once an athlete has shown they can attend & compete regularly they will take part in the sessioins of the group event coaches from time to time usually during the summer. When considered suitable athletes progress to group event training with one or more of the clubs group event coaches on a permanent basis. 
Competitions: The club participates in many different events and leagues from U11 to Over 70! Take a look at the Junior Fixture Dates for those appropriate for this age group. For more detailed explanations see Fixtures Explained. All Athletes are expected to compete at least twice a year.

My Athlete just wants to run, why do the Academy do lots of events

As mentioned ideally girls & boys 8-13 should take the opportunity to learn as many new skills at possible, this approach is being strongly encouraged by UK Athletics due to the high number of injuries sustained by elite athletes lacking basic technique, skills, flexibility and core strength. Like tools in a toolbox they can be returned to and made use of whenever needed. We very much suport the UK:A Long Term Athlete Development Plan it is not just about winning now, but enjoying sport for life. Every Athlete is different so how many and for how long varies. These sessions do include a lot of running but because it if fun often Athletes do not realise how far! The Junior Academy aims to offer both Sprint and Endurance Running sessions at every training night. So that the runners can choose to include 20mins of running as well as another event. Click here for a good article to read!

What is meant by an Event?

Athletics comprises of lots of events: 100m; Long Jump; Discus etc. These are then grouped: Sprints; Middle Distance; Endurance Running; Throws; Jumps. The Junior Academy offers training in sprints, endurance, throws and jumps as well as balance and agility.

What is meant by Season?

Athletics has 2 seasons: Summer (April-Sept) for outdoor Track & Field competitions; and Winter (Sept-March) for Cross Country, SportsHall and Indoor Track & Field. Quadkids competition are held throughout the year.

What can I do while they train?

Help: The club has lots of opportunities to volunteer see 'Can I help?' below.
Run: Why not join one of the adult groups and go for a run!
Leave them: You are welcome to leave them.
Watch: You are welcome to watch, but please be aware that for most kids of this age you will be a distraction, so best to come for the last 10 minutes.

Can I help at the Club?

Yes, whether you can offer the occasional hour or a regular commitment - it will always be appreciated.
Weekly Helpers: A parent/Guardian will be required to help at the Junior Sessions (est. twice a year).You will be asked to administrate, measure, time, count and maybe do a bit of crowd control! 
Marshalls: Needed for cross country courses and car park duty. Check the forum or offer your help at the meeting.
Officials: So many tasks that can easily be helped with. Check the forum or offer your help on the day. If you would like to become a qualified official please see or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also visit UK:Athletics Officials Pages.
Coaching: To become a Athletes Leader is a one day course, Coaching Assistant iss two days. The Club will pay course fees after the course & once you have shown your commitment to the club. You can then help, shadow and learn from many of the clubs Level 2 or above coaches. We especially need more coaches to help with the Juniors (once a term, once a month or every week you choose!). So if you are interested please speak to any of the coaches. Also visit UK:Athletics Coaching Pages. or Download A4 sheet with the Coaching Qualifications described. NB. before any funding is given you wil be expected to assist at six club sessions.

Should my Athlete train when ill or injured?

If it will require reduced participation in the session the answer is NO. Better to get fully fit and we have a lot of athletes to accommodate during a session, so this will not be fair on the coach or the other athletes.

What should my Athlete do with an athletic related injury?

Visit their own GP - always let them know what sports they take part in.

What age group U11 or U13?

This changes from Summer to Winter fixtures:
Summer Age Groups (usually April-September) 

U11 age group are Athletes aged 9+ on competition day in School Years 4 & 5.
U13 age group are Athletes in School Years 6 & 7. 
Winter Age Groups (usually September-March)
U11 age group
 are Athletes aged 9+ on competition day in School Years 4, 5 & 6.
U13 age group are Athletes in School Years 7 & 8.

Where can I buy Junior Athlete Kit?

Club Kit: vests (£15) & crop tops (£20), are available from Barry Holmes.

Try Derby Runner or Up & Running (Nottingham) they stock junior clothes, running shoes, cross country & track spikes. There is also a 10% discount to club members on non discounted items. When buying trainers ask to test them outside or on the treadmill. Not all young Athletes are comfortable on a treadmill, but they will video them running to check the trainer is giving enough support - very important when doing a lot of running. When buying spikes they have a small strip of track on the floor to test them on - always explain what events you want the spikes for they will advise on the best shoe.

Is my Athlete doing too much?

Take into account all the sport activities your Athlete does: club training, School PE, other clubs & team sports. For most youngsters up to 12 hours is fine, but you know your child best so watch for signs of fatigue. There should be 1-2 days for rest/recovery for this age group. Rest and recovery are an essential part of training allowing the body to repair and build itself stronger ready for its next activity. Any increase in activity should be gradual sudden overload is not good!

What other sports can they do?

At this age most sports will help enhance skills, co-ordination, agility etc the emphasis should be on enjoyment. Try to get the whole family involved by going swimming, on bike rides, walks, ice skating etc. Football, hockey, rugby & netball are all good for endurance and co-ordination.

My Athlete does NOT want to compete!

That is a real shame, but don't force them. Instead come along and watch competitions, speak to their coach they will be able to advise what competitions will be suitable. There is a huge variety and not everyone will be suited to everything! It should always be fun first - yes some kids actually do enjoy Cross Country!

All athletes are expected to compete at least twice for the club during a season (That is 4 times a year). As we are a competing club run by volunteers we don not have the resources to coach athletes who do not compete.

Can I do anything to help training?

Yes lots! All the usual parent stuff encouragement, involvement, investment etc.
Invest - Purchase a 365 Athlete Pack for your athlete only £5. This pack contains masses of information and tasks to help with training. If you wish to see one ask Sarah at training she usually has one in her bag. 
Encourage then to do some stretches twice a week while watching TV: Suppleness needs to be worked upon as flexibility tends to deteriorate from the age of 8. Flexible joints and mobile muscles can help improve stride length, cadence and prevent injuries. Touching toes should be normal!
Sleep: Ensure they get enough.
Nutrition: This is a website in its own right but as a quick guide: The 5 fruit & veg a day is a goal but 7 is ideal. Set a good example yourself and they will follow eventually! Sweets after training should not be excessive or everyday. Eat 1.5/2 hours before training and after a protien rich snack (egg, chicken, peanut butter sandwich etc) within an hour of training helps the body build muscle strength. Download UK:A Eat and Drink like a Champion.

I think my Athlete has an unspotted talent!

The coaches do their best to monitor all the Athletes and as a guide it will take about 6 weeks of full attendance for a coach to assess an Athletes abilities. Competing is the best way for coaches to assess ability. So make sure they compete regularly. Once the coaches get to know the Athlete they will guide them to others coaches and sessions as appropriate, however if you feel the coaches are missing unspotted talent - just take some time to talk to the coach.

My Athlete wants to change Coach!

Generally, your coach will know and recommend when a move is beneficial. It is good etiquette to discuss this with you existing coach who can then discuss the move the proposed new coach. Please let coaches know if they are wishing to move to another group – a lot of work goes into planning sessions around known athletes.

If you feel there is a topic or issue that could be covered on this page please email Sarah Moulton she will value your input. 



Mini League – Track & Field


These are Inter Club Athletic Competitions for U11, U13 & U15. These are FREE and open to all club members although only two score and are a great way to compete. The event is moved around the local clubs and starts at 10am with events taking place continuously from then. Events are rotated through the fixtures so there is always something for everyone. Arrive at 10am report to your Team Manager. If you can advise your Team Manager before the meeting what events you are doing this helps allocate numbers and decide who is scoring.
U11's can do 2 events + optional relay; U13's can do 3 events + optional relay
Wear: Long trousers & Sweatshirt over shorts & club vest. Trainers or spikes up to 6mm. Remember water, cap and sun screen.
Bring: Club Vest (if new these can usually be borrowed on the day) & 8 safety pins (to pin on your numbers); foldable chairs


Junior Athletes attending Athletic Skills Sessions within the Junior Academy work towards UK:Academy Awards. This involves completing athletic events, graded according to age for which the athletes are rewarded for their efforts and bettering their Personal Bests (PB's). Certificates/badges for Steps 1-10 (1-6 Secondary), Bronze, Silver & Gold are awarded after taking part in competitions. All athletes will be assessed according to the Athletics 365 levels - the more sessions you attend the quicker you gain the award!

Download Currect Academy 365 Assessments

What is Athletics 365?
Athletics 365 is a multi-event, young people development programme, which introduces athletes to the fundamental skills of athletics (vital to every sport). Athletics 365 focuses not only on how fast someone runs or how far someone jumps or throws but also, more importantly, on developing the technical skills (‘how’ to run, jump and throw) required to perform at full potential and move like a champion. In addition to technical skills, Athletics 365 also looks at an athlete’s physical, mental and emotional development, as well as their lifestyle and social development.

The Athletics 365 programme is broken down into nine progressive stages. Each stage provides athletes with new and progressively more difficult challenges appropriate to their stage of development. Athletics 365 encourages athletes to learn all the skills and events of athletics, and reinforces the importance of a good all round skill base.

This is supported by a Athlete Pack which shows exactly what is required and gives suggested home practice. Available from Sarah £15.

StarTrack (Track & Field Awards)

Two Levels Primary (School Years 4,5 & 6) and Seconary (School Years 7, 8 & 9).

Awards for Personal Bests achieved in competitions (Mini League Track & Field & Open Competitions)

Awards for Triathlon, Quadranthlon & Penthalon worked on during weekly training sessions. July - Sept 2011 Primary & Secondary level Quadranthlons.


SportsHall (Indoor Athletics Awards)

Awards for Personal Bests achieved for all Athletes Attending Sportshall Competitions awarded at the end of the Season