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Disciplines / events

Age group

Maddy Collinge

Recreational and competitive running incl those able to run 5k comfortably and beyond. Support given to improve speed, distance and stamina and help to join the Harriers 

16 to Senior

Sarah Bradbury

Recreational and competitive running as above

16 to Senior

Angela Purdue Recreational and competitive running as above  16 to Senior


Maddy Collinge Tel: 07912 410057   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Schedule - April 18 to October 18

Date  Session
 26.04  Angela away King Georges 800m loop x 6/8 recovery x 45 secs

 Quarry steps and a loop x 4/6

 06.05  Keswick half marathon
 08.05  2nd Booth race Ilkeston with xc presentations after 
10.05   Thieves Wood 400m hill reps
 12.05  Hobo/Dukeries 30 
 13.05  Market Drayton 10k
 17.05  Bogs cottage shuttle runs/pyramids 100/500m 
 24.05   Harlow Wood up and down hills x 15 x 30 sec recovery 
31.05   Mansfield’s hidden trails 10k 
05.06    3rd Booth race Denby pottery

 Berry Hill 1000m efforts

 09.06   Skye half marathon
14.06   Maddy away Fartlek down to King Georges 300m and 800m x 30 secs/45 secs
21.06   Thieves wood top right hand side 700m x 10
 22.06  Beacon Hill Summer Solstice
 24.06  Round Sheffield Run
 28.06  Cauldwell pond hill reps x 200m and 400m x 6
03.07   4th Booth Carsington 
 05.07  Stonehills plantation hill reps (Maddy to plan)
 12.07  Harlow Wood hill reps gas n’ air 
19.07   Berry Hill 400m x 15 round the track plus jog recovery
26.07   Sarah away Berry Hill curve 400m plus jog recovery 
 02.08  Sarah away Kenyan hills in Thieves wood (needs planning)
 07.08  Last Booth race Shipley cricket club 
 09.08  Harlow wood flat reps at top of hill
 16.08  Indian file/drills and skills/run in the woods ( Berry Hill )
 23.08  Thieves/Cauldwell trail run 10k 
 30.08  Berry hill hill reps (to be planned)
 06.09  Cauldwell Ponds hill reps 200s and 400s x 6/8
 13.09  to be planned
 20.09  Woodside and Gordon Brae 700/250m 8/10 
 27.09  Quarry hills
04.10   Spider hill lampposts plus tempo run if time 
 11.10  Maddy away #runandtalk session
 14.10  1st BOOTH XC race Shipley Park 
18.10   Dorchester Drive 600m efforts x 10 
 25.10  Beverley Drive 4500m efforts x 10 
 01.11  Sarah away? Woodside 300m efforts 
 04.11  Dovedale dash 
08.11  North Park/The Avenue 250 x 8 off 30 sec then 500 x 6 off 90 sec recovery
 11.11  2nd BOOTH XC at Chaddesdon park
 15.11  Rushley hill reps plus longer warm up and cool down jog 
18.11   Matthew Walker 10k pudding race
 22.11  Partlaufs off the Avenue with a swop halfway 8ish
29.11   High Oakham hill reps
02.12   3rd BOOTH XC race Bakewell 
 06.12  King Standing 150 m x 20 
 09.12  Bolsover 10k
 13.12  Pinewoods 1000m efforts 
14.12   MR Christmas meal 
 20.12  Christmas lights run 
 27.12  Day time Christmas run 
 03.01  New Year head torch run 
 10.01  North Park 200m efforts x 20
 17.01 Sheepbridge/Matlock efforts 300/500m
20.01  4th BOOTH XC Trent Meadows 
 24.01  The Avenue 500/400/300.200/100 and repeat
 31.01  Spider Hill lampposts x 6 
 07.02  Sue Bellingham memorisal run (all groups) 
 10.02   FINAL BOOTH XC at Holmebrook park 
 14.02  Beverley Drive pyramids
 21.02  Woodside 700m efforts x 10
 28.02  The Avenue loop (3k) 200m efforts on North park 6/10 then another loop in reverse/back to college
07.03   Pinewoods 700m efforts x 10 
14.03   Quarry hill reps plus sprints 
 21.03  Fartlek along the MARR/route back 
 23.03  Monsal trail half marathon
 24.03  Monsal trail half marathon
 28.03  Woodside 700m/150m 
 04.04  Welcome to spring run